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nurturing client service while being involved and accessible to you throughout your project

As your long-term architecture & planning partner, you will see us as a member of your team who is engaging, creative, informative, and trustworthy.

The hallmark of our approach to design is listening to you. The creation of buildings may be expected; however, at Chapman Coyle Chapman, we believe our value is in our design skill, and our culture of creating lasting relationships.

You are partnering with us for our expertise in your field. Our value is in the thoughtful awareness that goes into each design we do.

Design is our currency and our value to you.

We leverage over 50 years of architectural practice in the Private Education and Private Club markets to develop creative solutions for you.

who we are

“We’d like to think a major driver of any project is the design; after all, that is what defines the experience of a place or space.”

Mike Beatty
associate principal

You benefit from working with a tenured staff in whom we take great pride; considering each as an important member of the Chapman Coyle Chapman family.

After receiving a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Florida, my interest focused in the specialization of Campus Planning and Private Education. For over 33 years, I have concentrated my career on designing environments which enhance the educational experience and nurturing long-term client relationships. I continually look for opportunities to develop learning environments based upon the specific pedagogy, mission, and vision of each private education program to create unique design solutions specific to each program.  My goal is to provide every client with a campus environment which will leave a positive memorable impression on faculty, staff, and students.


Registered Architect, AIA

Michael A. Mascheri, Jr.

Graduating from the School of Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1997, I began my career in the design of high end custom secondary homes around the southeast. I now leverage that experience by designing for some of the most prestigious private clubs across the country. Knowing that design is all around us, I believe architecture has great influence on the people who encounter it. Being with Chapman Coyle Chapman since 2008, I’m excited to work closely with our clients, creating unique designs for our private club projects. Outside the office you can find me cooking something healthy after my cross-fit workout, or out and about with my wife walking our two canine kids Nala and Ollie.


Registered Architect, AIA, LEED AP, CNU-A

Joshua W. Roland

With an architecture degree from the University of Arkansas, I have found great pleasure in the practice of architecture for over 30 years; 20 of those years with Chapman Coyle Chapman. I have been focused on Private Club Design and Construction where I apply a broad range of experience in developing unique, one-of-a-kind solutions for each new project. I enjoy the creative process and collaborating with clients to translate their vision into meaningful and timeless built environments to serve their specific requirements. Being active outside the office, I play tennis, golf, and enjoy cycling. If you consider home improvement projects a hobby, then I guess that’s one of mine as well.


Registered Architect, AIA

Michael D. Beatty

“Our approach is not simply to design ‘buildings’, but rather, to create unique ‘environments’ that embody the vision, mission, and soul of your organization.”

Joshua Roland
associate principal

We know that taking on a construction project is a lengthy and intimidating process. Wouldn’t you like to have a guide to make this daunting project more manageable?

With a methodical approach, we ensure your managers, administrators, and board members have confidence knowing their best interest is being presented as we earn the respect of your administration and membership.

As your architect, we provide unique design solutions of lasting value. Through our expertise in the club and private school markets, we design build-able structures on time while respecting your budget.

We promote the development of strong design skills that are supported by a working knowledge of construction assemblies. Our staff is empowered to manage projects in the office and in the field alongside our leadership team.

We foster an environment that nurtures self-growth while striving for excellence in the practice of architecture.

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Mike Beatty
associate principal

"Being consummate problem solvers, and creatives, we will guide you through the process of design, by which you can construct and occupy spaces that allow your organization to thrive."

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"Our strength is in design; casting a vision for what can be created."

Mike Mascheri